An interactive comic, in which you play as under-cover operative Cinder. Your mission is to infiltrate the Royal Ball and dodge the guards to steal the Secret Military Plans before the clock strikes midnight. The opulence of Versailles disgusts you as you walk through the gilded rooms. Then there is the prince who keeps getting in your way.

Please play in full screen or you will have to scroll a lot!

Playing time approx. 5 minutes.


  • Responsive and playable on mobile
  • 2 main endings depending on what you chose and more subevents
  • True to original palace rooms

For mobile devices, play here for a better experience

Mac-users can also download and play locally

Made by Emily Ryan.

Winner 2015 xyzzy Best Use of Multimedia

"The art is great, the action is funny, and there are a lot of great moments of derring-do. Best of all is the running suggestion that Agent Cinder is constantly having to restrain herself from an outburst of mass psychopathic violence. She is the hero we all need."
- Brendan Caldwell, for Rock Paper Shotgun

"This is pretty great! I love the concept of Cinderella + spy fiction + French revolution. And Cinder's unchanging expression is the best!"
- Félix Lavallée a.k.a. Falingard

"Secret Agent Cinder: gorgeously illustrated Twine with costumes and 18th century spy weapons."
- Emily Short

"Holy sh*t, it's amazing!"
- Melyanna

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorEmily Ryan
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tags2D, comic-style, spy-game, Twine


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Cute game! Great art and loved that ending - very clever!

oh my god it's so perfect!! I loved that I could attack the guy with a shoe

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I LOVED This Game!

It Was Really Fun To Play!

But I Just Can't Seem To Get The Good End, Could You Perhaps Give A Hint Of Some Sort?

(1 edit) (+1)

very cute! love the art and theme

I'm going get all my friends and family to play- this is awesome! :OOOOO

Thanks! Glad you liked it : )